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20 Million Euros Invested to Changhong Czech Factory

According to the memorandum, Changhong will invest 20 million euros to Czech factory to build another production lines. It will be the largest manufacturing investment project to Chinese enterprises in the Czech Republic.
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We ask all of our customers to fill out a short questionnaire regarding satisfaction with our products ..

Latest Technologies

100 Hz

All the exciting moments in view. DynaClear 100 Hz improves motion performance so that fast actions appear clearer, sharper and smoother.  

100% UWCG

Changhong Oboni with the advantage of 100% ultra-wide color gamut presents the colors more richer and vivid,and enhances the user’s experience greatly.

5 ms Response Time

5 ms Response Time,100% motion picture One of the most important features for an LCD panel is the pixel response time. Response time refers to the amount of time it takes a pixel to "refresh" itself to go from being active to being inactive. A very fast 5 ms will definitely gives you smooth-motion action scenes

600 Hz Sub-field drive

Changhong Oboni implements 12 times sub-filed scan for each frame image, restores 50Hz image signal in 600Hz and make the motion pictures smoothly.

B&W Technology

Black pre-discharge by a significant reduction process improves Oboni’s expression on "black" and "white", and makes the overall pictures more profound and more layered.

Built-in Speaker

There is not a necessity to listen to the great sound with visible speaker,The invisible speaker specially designed for you will bring you enjoying unimaginable sweet music while keep svelte design of the new LED TVS

Crystal Texture

True color of LED screen reflects our pursuit for high quality life. Semitransparent injection molding process and crystal appearance easily match well with various household products. External body will not volatilize hazardous materials, thus such product is green, environmentally-friendly, fashionable and healthy


DVB-S2 strong receiving,speed is faster and image is more real Reasonable receiver complexity.To achieve the best performance complexity trade off,quantifiable in about 30% capacity gain over DVB-S2 benefits from more recent developments in channel coding and modulation.


The most convenient thing for you One Changhong TV(with T+C solution)=one normal TV+DVB-T set box+DVB-C set box

DynaClear 240Hz

Keeping all the exciting moment in view. DynaClear 200/240Hz improves motion performance so that fast actions appear clearer, sharper, and smoother.

Dynamic Contrast Ratio 3.000.000:1

Like nothing you've seen before, the unparalleled 3,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio will give you a picture better than you ever thought possible, with whiter whites, blacker blacks and a nearly infinite subtlety of gradations in between.

Dynamic Contrast Ratio 5.000.000:1

Changhong Oboni has a 5000000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio.It can make the bright points on screen brighter and the black backer,and represents the natural color.It also can distinguish the outline of dark images and reproduce their original appearances clearly.

Eye Care

Changhong Oboni has the unique Eye-care function. 6500K color temperature eye-care mode: Pure eye-care tricolor light source.

1080P High Definition

1080P High definition, reproduce the true detail Enjoy brilliant, film-like images in full high definition resolution. Full high-definition images are sharp, detailed and crystal clear. Superior clarity and resolution deliver top of the line picture quality that takes your home entertainment to another level.


Eco-friendly, less components and more joy Changhong LED TV is an environmentally friendly TV that has greatly reduced the number of unnecessary components. With advanced power-saving technologies, this TV delivers stunning picture and sound while conserving less energy than traditional one.


H.264 is the newest video compression technology. H.264 can match the best possible MPEG-2 quality at up to half the data rate. H.264 also delivers excellent video quality across the entire bandwidth spectrum-from 3G to HD and everything in between (from 40Kbps to upwards of 10 Mbps).


Enhance the digital visual and audio signal for guaranteed perfect picture and sound quality.

Intelligent Touch Button

Changhong Intelligent Touch Button is a perfect combination of humanized design and fashionable design concept. It definitely brings you more confortable and convinent operating experience.

iMagic Engine

iMagic Engine with Image Smooth, bring images with incredible clarity By unifying all of the TVs advanced imaging technologies, the Changhong iMagic Engine expands performance, enhances all aspects of the image, and takes picture quality and image integrity to new levels of excellence, thus creating a picture that’s more lifelike and much closer to film quality.


You don't need to leave your TV to get the internet. Our TV set puts some of the most useful parts of the internet contents on your screen. You can use your remote control to follow news, track local weather, display pictures and see new movies, enjoy the contents in your PC through WIFI, no cable is needed. You can do it all without missing a second of your favorite shows.  

LED Backlighting

The latest LED backlight-technology provides you with crystal-clear images, deeper blacks and the most realistic colors available. It is a Revolution In Picture Quality and Ultra-slim Design. LED backlight-technology saves up to 40% of power consumption vs. CCFL technology.

Media Center

Multi-media entertainment brings about endless joy. Such product is equipped with multi-media interfaces such as HDMI1.3 interface and USB2.0. You can share entertainment information such as HD video, music, film and picture at a high speed and entertainments thus becomes so easy and simple.

MPPT 2.0

MPPT 2.0 (Moving Pictures Processing Technology), which adopted the latest Digital Audio Pressing Engine, can automatically estimates and compensates original signals, perfectly solves the picture trailing problem when your TV displaying prompt motion scenes, makes the display much more stable, and smooth as well.

Natural Clear Panel

Natural clear panel technology enhances contrast 3,000,000:1 and reduces reflection so you can enjoy an overall outstanding viewing experience. The brighter, clearer picture will definitely amaze you

PVR (Personal Video Recorder)

Wonderfulness shall not be missed. You can start recording by inputting related keywords and record your favorite programs. In addition, you can freely control playing to rapidly browse or repeatedly appreciate. Even busy work can not obstruct you from pursuit of entertainment.

Swivel Stand

The unique swivel stand will surely bring you more convenience. It gives you a chance to enjoy the vivid picture from different viewing angle. The humanized design from Changhong is a perfect demonstration of our technological strength.

Toughed Glass Stand

Changhong LED TV Series equiped with the toughed glass stand. The stylish and fashionable TV stand will perfectly fit in to your home.It’s not only realized the Eco-design concept, but also accomplished the beauty of its appearance.

True Color

The newest generation of Changhong Lateral LED backlight makes another milestone in LED backlight technology. With white LED backlight to dramatically enhance color gamut and dynamic contrast ratio, creating vivid images with greatest depth, each color of nature is breathtakingly delivering

Ultra Slim Design

Ultra slim design, redefine you viewing experience Changhong Ultra Slim LED 888 Series is 20% thinner than a traditional LCD TV while delivering the same superior picture quality. Its elegant and premium design will redesign and redefine your viewing experience.

USB 2.0 infoLink

Happiness needs to be shared. Connect your digital camera, MP3 and MP4 or memory card to display image files via infoLink USB 2.0. Vividly reproduce every touching details in daily life, You can share your memories easily with family and friends.


WIRELESS home digital interface Our TV using the newest WHDI wireless Technology, It could access your uncompressed 1080p videos, music and photos from your PC or from other mobile devices - wirelessly and effortlessly - and enjoy them on your TV. This technology could transfer highest image quality and range could reach100 feet through walls with less than 1 millisecond latency.